When it comes to building your brand through advertising, there’s no question of whether you should choose to partner with The Contractor... Just do it!!!


We print and distribute The Contractor free of charge to all Construction Contractors and other stakeholders in the construction industry, international and local partners, Ministries, Departments and Agencies, works and technical officers of all Central and Local Government entities, Members of Parliament, Banks, Insurance companies, Embassies, academic institutions and the general public.

The digital version of The Contractor Magazine is also widely circulated via our website and all social platforms reaching over 100,000 readers both local and international.

Procedure of Advertising

  1. Download an Advertising Order Form here or contact the Administrator UNABCEC Secretariat.
  1. Fill and submit the form together with a Local Purchase Order to programs@unabsec.co.ug to confirm your order,
  2. Attach proof of payment of the advertisement fees. (at least 40% of the payment should be made on confirmation and the remaining 60% when the magazine is published),
  3. Submit your artwork to programs@unabsec.co.ug not later than seven (7) days after confirmation,
  4. Cancelation of order should be made in writing, not later than seven (7) days after confirmation,
  5. Reservation is on a first-come first-served basis.

Advertising rates

Rates are net and per insertion.

Magazine Size = 29X29cm

10% discount for UNABCEC members!!!

Space/Display Amount (Ug.Shs.) Status (Issue 20)
Logo on Cover Page 1,500,000 Available
Centre spread 8,000,000 Available
Back cover page 10,000,000 Available
Full page ad feature 5,000,000 Available
Inside front/back cover page 6,000,000 Available
Inside full page 4,500,000 Available
Half page 2,500,000 Available
Quarter page 1,500,000 Available
Business card size 500,000 Available
Advert designing (for sizes up to a full page) 250,000